OSGi Bundle Utility for Apache Ant

The OSGi Bundle Utility is a package that helps you produce OSGi bundles using Apache Ant. It is designed to serve as an alternative to Peter Kriens’ Bnd. But it does not aim to handle all possible cases. The idea is to follow the 80:20 rule to ensure ease of use for most use cases.

I found Bnd difficult to manage and to get to work with Apache Ant. I wanted something simpler because in most cases, you don’t need all the flexibility Bnd provides. Finally, I wanted the bundle descriptor to be written in XML. It turned out to work quite well, at least for me, and was a good way for me to learn more about OSGi. Hopefully, I’ve followed all the best practice and it is useful to some people.

The utility is published under the Apache License v2.0.

Both source and binary distributions are available: Download page

Documentation is available in 3 formats: PDF, HTML (multi-page), HTML (single page)