The OSGi Corner

In 2008, I’ve started learning about OSGi. I like the technology because:

  • it provides a nice way to componentize an application
  • it has a clean class loader isolation which gets rid of problems introduced by the default hierarchical class loader structure of Java
  • it forces you to properly design your applications
  • it provides a highly dynamic environment where it is easy to add, update and remove components and component instance at runtime
  • it is easy to enhance

Of course, there are a few hickups in practice. Not every software package can simply be used in OSGi, especially if it’s not prepared to handle the dynamics. Also, a few bugs in low-level components have made life a bit hard at times. But over all, it’s worth investing into.

It’s time for me now to contribute a few things to this environment. I’ll start with a package for handling the JAR Service Provider mechanism under OSGi and will publish more items later as time allows.

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Description Initial Publication
An abstraction for the JAR Service Provider mechanism for both the plain Java and the OSGi environment. 2009-11-03
An OSGi bundle utility for Apache Ant with tasks to create bundles and convert JARs into bundles. 2010-11-18