Barcode4J is Project of the Month at

The title says it all. I was quite surprised when I was approached last month. Reminds me to find time for the final 2.0 release…

Here’s the Project of the Month page.

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2 Kommentar auf “Barcode4J is Project of the Month at
  1. chrisgt sagt:

    Congrats, that’s a real surprise but well deserved!
    And as you know I’m one of the (hundreds? thousands?) happy users without contributing back ;-)

  2. the_webmaestro sagt:

    That’s great! Congratulations on such a momentous achievement! I suspect my old company is still using it to produce many of their millions of PDF EOBs every month for such clients as Zurich, Farmers, and many of the State Funds around the United States.

    Congrats again!