Apache FOP running under Apache Harmony

When I found out today, that Apache Harmony now publishes snapshot binaries for Windows, I just had to download one immediately and run Apache FOP under that VM. And guess what, the simple “readme.fo” example from FOP ran just fine. My second attempt with “images.fo”, however, didn’t work (problems with ImageIO and color profiles). Anyway, this means I shall keep an eye on compatibility with Apache Harmony while developing from now on.

One little thing I had to change in FOP to get a little problem was to replace the “UnicodeBig” encoding with “UTF-16BE” in FontFileReader.java (reads TTF files), as “UnicodeBig” doesn’t seem to be available, yet.

Now, I’ll have to set up Harmony for debugging in Eclipse. That, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to work just like that.

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