Travelling to ApacheCon – something’s wrong

I’ve been to Amsterdam a number of times and will go there again for ApacheCon EU 2008. I always took the train or night train. So, nine days before departure I look again into the best way to get there

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OpenExpo in Berne was great!

Two days with buzzing activity. Interesting talks. Lots of FOSS projects presenting themselves. Free food, drinks and admission. On Wednesday evening Google sponsored a social event with food, drinks and lightning talks. LiSoG and /ch/open offered delicious cocktails under free

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Still waiting for the perfect notebook…

I’ve got a 4 year old IBM ThinkPad X31 which served me very well. But it’s time now for a new notebook. I want something as small as my X31. It should be affordable but ideally have a better display.

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OpenExpo in Berne, Switzerland

Various open source projects will be represented at the OpenExpo in Berne (12./13. March 2008), among them the Apache projects FOP, Lenya and OfBiz. It’s a good opportunity to get in touch with people from the respective project teams and

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PDF/A conference and ApacheCon EU at the same time in Amsterdam in 2008

I’ve just noticed an interesting coincidence: There will be will be a PDF/A conference next year in Amsterdam. The event will take place April 10th and 11th at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. This is at the same time as

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Apache FOP: Once believed dead, now live and kickin’

The first release (0.90alpha1) coming out of FOP’s redesign effort is exactly two years old today! Between 2003-07-18 and 2005-11-22 (for more than two years), there was no release of Apache FOP. Many believed the project was dead. No wonder:

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Barcode4J is Project of the Month at

The title says it all. I was quite surprised when I was approached last month. Reminds me to find time for the final 2.0 release… Here’s the Project of the Month page.

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Minimal Java requirements for Apache XML Graphics

Last week, we’ve conducted a user poll to get hard data for a decision to drop support for Java 1.3 for the Apache XML Graphics project (Batik & FOP). The results are quite clear: we’re safe to drop support for

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SVG Print renewed

The W3C’s SVG working group has somewhat silently updated the SVG Print Working Draft last month. SVGP adds elements to embed multiple pages in a single SVG 1.2 file plus it adds color handling to match the additional requirements for

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PDF/A hell

It didn’t suffice that Adobe Acrobat 7 used and expected a PDF/A namespace from an old specification draft ( Now, it turns out that the official ISO document (ISO 19005-1:2005) had to be corrected, too. The document uses “” as

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