Apache FOP 0.93 released

Finally, a FOP release after the redesign without a beta tag! The most important changes since 0.92 beta besides a lot of bugfixing and stabilization work:

  • Added support for the use of Open Type fonts.
  • Support for the rgb-icc() function and for a proprietary cmyk() function (for device CMYK colors only through the PDF renderer so far).
  • Enabled Copy/Paste from PDF content in Acrobat Reader for text using embedded TrueType fonts.
  • Added support for PDF/A-1b and PDF/X-3:2003. (Note: this may still be a bit incomplete.)
  • The Java2DRenderer (and therefore the print and bitmap renderers) is now offering the same quality as the PDF and PS renderers.
  • Automatic support for all fonts available to the Java2D subsystem for all Java2D-descendant renderers (TIFF, PNG, print, AWT).
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