OSGi Bundle Utility 1.0

Product Documentation

Jeremias Märki

Published under the Apache License V2.0.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What's the OSGi Bundle Utility?
Why did I write this utility?
A quick peek
2. The Bundle Descriptor
The XML Schema
The Namespace
The "bundle" Element (Root Element)
The "headers" Element
The "exports" Element
The "imports" Element
3. The Ant Tasks
The "bundle-manifest" Task
The "load-bundle-descriptor" Task
The "convert-jar-to-bundle" Task
4. How it works
Loading the Bundle Descriptor
Analyzing dependencies
Generating the manifest
A. The XML Schema for the Bundle Descriptor

List of Tables

2.1. Immediate children of the "bundle" element
3.1. The properties set by the load-bundle-descriptor task

List of Examples

1.1. A simple example (bundle.xml)
2.1. Header example
2.2. Export example
2.3. Import example
3.1. Example using bundle-manifest
3.2. Example using convert-jar-to-bundle
4.1. The bundle descriptor from the "create1" example in the distribution
4.2. Excerpt from the Ant build
4.3. The resulting manifest file