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Add-ons for Apache FOP

PDF Image Support Plug-In for Apache FOP

This plug-in extends Apache FOP in order to add support for using PDF images in fo:external-graphic elements when you generate PDF files. This means you can write something like:

<fo:external-graphic src="my-doc.pdf#page=1"/>


<fox:external-document src="my-doc.pdf"/>
I've donated this plug-in to The Apache Software Foundation as a new subproject of the Apache XML Graphics project. Future release will be published by The Apache Software Foundation.

The source code can be found here.

For details (usage, limitations etc.), please read the README file in the root directory of the distribution! The plug-in is published under the Apache License v2.0.

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Release history

Version Date
2.x and later See Apache XML Graphics.
2.0 2010-10-28
1.3 2008-11-28
1.2 2008-04-04
1.1a 2008-01-22
1.1 2008-01-14
1.0 2007-08-06